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Apr 30, 2018

Pattie is Justin Bieber’s mom, but she also has a lot of other great qualities such as purity, something she mentioned to Rosebud in their TWITTER DM CONVERSATION. That’s right, Pattie Mallette and Rosebud are basically BFFs and Pattie, the queen herself, listens to the lil ole Two Less Lonely Girls podcast. Listen,...

Apr 25, 2018

So you thought Corinne Fisher & Rosebud Baker couldn’t talk about Justin Bieber’s tattoos for more than 30 minutes? You thought wrong. (Also, follow them on social media so you can be the first to alert the cops - @PhilanthropyGal & @RosebudBaker).

Apr 23, 2018

24 years old. 62 tattoos. The meaning is endlessness. The mistakes even moreso. Join Corinne Fisher (@philanthropygal) & Rosebud Baker (@rosebudbaker) as they explore the hidden meanings and inside jokes behind the pop star’s permanent ink. NBD but Justin’s mom listens to this podcast.

Apr 16, 2018

Christian rock covers. Repetitive bunny glasses selfies. A tribute to Jim Carrey. Justin Bieber is finding and feeling himself one Instagram post at a time. Join co-hosts Corinne Fisher and Rosebud Baker as they explore the pop star's social media presence on this singular platform from December 2017 until present....

Apr 9, 2018

Hey psycho! You came back. On this second episode of #TwoLessLonelyGirls, co-hosts Corinne Fisher and Rosebud Baker are determined to figure out who Justin’s hit song “Love Yourself” is about. The two adult women analyze the lyrics, discuss possible suspects, and surprise themselves with the secrets Google...